If Someone Sent Me My Ideal Care Package, This Is What Would Be Inside 💚📦

Inspired by @ListPrompts. First time using the search the web for images feature lol
  1. A cheque to pay off all my student loans
  2. Polvoron with cashew and rice crispies
    My Filipino roots run deeeeep. It's basically powdered milk mixed with some butter, sugar and nuts. This is comfort food for me 😜
  3. Jollibee chicken and spaghetti
    LOL because why not
  4. A stopper for my tub
    so I can actually use those Lush bath bombs I got a while ago
  5. Spotify premium
    Music, always 🎶
  6. Shomi subscription
    My two month trial is almost up and I need to see all of Parks and Rec. and I refuse to watch Jane the Virgin with commercials
  7. A plane ticket to anywhere
    Desperate to get out of here right this second
  8. Starbucks travel mug of some kind
    I actually collect these 😊 especially these Disneyland ones
  9. Kate spade phone case
    Always the way to my heart 💘