My 2017 so far

It's sometimes the little things ✨ Featuring many photos not shared on instagram! 🙌🏼
  1. I got this melting snowman from our evil secret santa over the holidays
    You build him, rolling up his bod into snowman balls, then he just "melts" over time! This is after building him on a Friday, then coming back on the Monday. I got someone to play secret Santa for me since I was going away, but still didn't want to miss the fun. A coworker snap chatted me the whole exchange, it was a blast watching while waiting to go through security at the airport. I didn't get this cutie until after New Years.
  2. Got some fairly expensive artisan necklaces from work
    #werkperks 💖 this continues to be one of my favourite most-used accessories from work.
  3. This little bugger who ruins my workflow
    His name is Grampa and he's super cute. I'm le sad his human has moved on from our org and I hear he can't bring Grampa to work with him at his new place 😢
  4. Had some pretty good vegan buffalo wings
    As an actual meat eater, I didn't hate it. I'd come back. Totes recommend Hogtown Vegan if you're in Toronto.
  5. Introduced my family to brick toast 🍞
  6. Still sharing bananas 🍌 with Meg, my coworker
    I could never finish a whole banana, and so can't she; so we always split bananas. Sometimes, we don't even say anything, and just hold up a banana in the air. Yup, we're weird.
  7. Got a little bit more than a trim
    I was terrified of how incredibly short it ended up being. But a few months later, it grew and I love it. The layers were great, just too short.
  8. Feeling a little badass when wearing this leather jacket with this dark lipstick 💄
  9. Had some pretty good brunches
    Look at that beaut of a Canadian bacon.
  10. I shall update when I get a chance, there's still a bit I've missed
    I love this new update feature! 💗
  11. I took my new coworker for a walk to the nearby botanical gardens while on our lunch
    I've never been inside and it was adorbs