Wow, I have a social life …not really. I go do stuff outside work with my coworkers. Wut. I just spent over eight hours with you!?
  1. Monday
    I went furniture shopping with my coworker, E. We went to Winners, Muji, Canadian Tire, HomeSense, and she introduced me to her favourite bubble tea place with real taro!!
  2. Tuesday
    My other coworker, K, was supposed to go to the mall with me, but dips because her bf finally asked her to dinner, after a million years. Okay, fair! Instead, E went with me to the mall to get a going away present for K, who dipped on me (worked out that I can pick out something in peace), my bday thing from Sephora and my online orders at Abercrombie (lol)
  3. Wednesday
    It's K's last day at work, so we, as a team, went for dinner + drinks after work to drown our sadness/celebrate. But let's be real, I've been drinking wine with K since the afternoon at our desks (first, for fun, then I got stressed later in the afternoon so I just continued to drink lol)
  4. Thursday
    I was finishing up things a little late, then coworker, M and I jokingly teased me should get baos. Then it happened, and we talked for a few hours and got ice cream after
  5. It's crazy how close you get with the people you work with.
    I'm so incredibly lucky to work with such a lovely team that I actually genuinely enjoy working with everyday, and am proud to also call my friends 😭❤️💕 (and so when somebody does leave, it hurts reaaaal bad 😢)