Probably because all of these sound white as hell!? Throwing the possibilities of a halfsie. Look what happened to Mindy Lahiri! I might not have a full blood Filipino kid after all!!Sorted alphabetically. Feel free to suggest classy sounding names.
  1. Annalise
    Nicknames: Ann or Lise, but not Annie. Inspired by How to Get Away with Murder.
  2. Asher, Ashlin
    Nickname: Ash. Just like in Pokémon. And Asher is from Gossip Girl ok I'm not *that* obsessed with HTGAWM.
  3. Catherine
    I like how it's spelled, and we're not dealing with nicknames either, except maybe for Cath, by strictly very close best friends, only over text. Inspired by my cousin Kate's real name that she hardly uses.
  4. Charles
    We'll call him Charlie, but only at home, and refuse to take any nicknames at school. Just like how I'm named Nicole and I'll want to kill you even at the thought of you calling me Nikki. I feel v strongly about this.
  5. Christopher
    No nicknames either, but only a select few can call him Chris. Just like how no one but Christopher calls Lorelai, ‘Lor’ and only Lorelai calls him ‘Chris’. And us parents call him Toffie, for fun.
  6. Diane, Diana
    Sounds like royalty 👑
  7. Emma
    But everyone will be surprised that her passport name is Emmeline Grace. Even classier than already classy, Emma. Stolen from my niece's name.
  8. Holden, Hayden
    At the possibility of twin boys 👬
  9. Laurel
    Not Lauren nor Laura. Unusual, but familiar, classy name. Could be a debutante. Also inspired by How to Get Away with Murder.
  10. Lorelai
    From Gilmore Girls, of course. She won't be nicknamed Rory. Lor, maybe, but not Rory.
  11. Richard
    Nicknamed Richie, but only by us parents. No one else.
  12. Riella Elise
    Could be called Ella. But she'll use her full name any chance she gets. So pretty and goes perfectly with a tiara 👑
  13. Riley
    Cuter version of Riella. Could be nicknamed Riles by her bff. Looks especially cute with a bow or a flower beside it. Riley 🎀