Inspired by @lesleyann. Wow, I cry at a lot of airports, and about food
  1. Vancouver Airport, Sept 2005
    We just landed in Canada and in line, getting our immigration papers sorted out. It just hit me after being on a plane for 16 hours in first class (we were upgraded). I was 12 and everything, I mean EVERYTHING was changing, so I really couldn't help but cry, bc then on, nothing will ever be the same. We were also there forever, so that really didn't help either. Really low point in my life 🌟
  2. Toronto Pearson Airport, too many times
    Multiple times that grandma came to visit and I'm never ready to say goodbye to her for who knows how long. I was super close to my grandma and I love her so much 💖😭
  3. Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, Aug 2011
    I just turned 18 and my first time flying by myself, I thought I lost my passport and freaking out how I'd get back home to Canada. I'm stuck in a country where they don't even speak English!!!!!
  4. Carcar Market in Cebu, May 2015
    I just had THE sweetest mangoes 🍋 (we'll pretend that's a mango) I've ever had in a bajillion years and that first bite caused so much happy tears, I can't. My family proceeded to laugh about it for the next few days
  5. Terminal 21 food court in Bangkok, May 2015
    I got reaaal emotional when I took my first bite of my authentic pad Thai in Thailand. It was literally an explosion of flavour in my mouth and I cried, "Thai Express has nothing on this 😭😭😭"
  6. Manila Airport, May 2015
    Sad one of my best trips is over and tears literally just started running down my face, which I tried to hold back SO HARD
  7. Tokyo-Haneda Airport, May 2015
    On my flight back home and on my layover in Tokyo, my aunt messaging me why grandpa rushed out of the house and didn't drive me to airport was because he loved me so much, he didn't want me to see him cry cause it hurts so much UGH I WAS A MESSSSSS
  8. I'm just a really emotional person in general, I'm sorry