List App Secret Santa edition❣🎄
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    I got ready, put my jacket and my shoes on, to walk to the mailbox
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    I opened my door to this…
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    AHHHHHHH 😱 this must be my secret Santa present!!!! 😍😍😍
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    It's gigantic, so I didn't have to walk out in the cold haha!
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    It's from I wonder what it is‼️
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    Is it a poster 😮❔ The box is massive!
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    Omg whaaatt 😱‼️
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    This is adorable!!! Omg I can't
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    First thought: waaaait… I don't remember posting this photo on here?!? 😧 (it's old)
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    So that means Santa did some creeping!! I really, really appreciate the creeping, Santa! This is one of my favourites photos of myself! …o m g wait. So that means you've seen my LinkedIn profile!? 😵 this is still my profile pic there I think??
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    Then it clicked❕
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    Secret Santa drew me a twenty dollar bill because I lost one a few weeks ago, as listed here: Why I'm Sad!!!
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    It's definitely worth a lot more because it's made especially for me❣❣
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    I love it so much omg!! I can't contain my excitement!!
    List App logo (of course!), @mindy and @bjnovak ❣, a music note because I love love music 🎶, a pencil and pen because I'm a designer 🖋, and a tv because I love to watch tv! 📺 You know me so well!! 😍
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    This gift is so personal and I love love love it!!
    Still smiling!! 😊😊
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    Thanks so much again, Santa!! @sarahgorman
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 🎄💗🎉
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    And many thanks as well to @ChrisK for organizing this! 😘