Inspired by @Adam. #DRAFTUARY! Idk why I even hesitated to publish this
  1. @mindy Kaling
    This has been my dream since forever 🌟. Gurl, are you ever gonna come north of the border!? Would've reaaaally appreciated a Toronto stop in your book tour!
  2. Dude. Can you please make this happen and come to Toronto? I'd love you forever. You can sign my copy of The Book With No Pictures which I read to no child whatsoever, except myself.
  3. Bellamy Young
    I've been obsessed with Scandal. She seems like SUCH a sweetheart, unlike Mellie and we'd be friends for that 5 seconds that we met. (Also how do we discuss that she's basically old enough to be my mom??)
  4. Katie Lowes
    Quinn's my gurl 💖 I feel like we'd also be BFFs and I might even get a bonus of Adam Shapiro (her husband!!) in this selfie, and idk Adam's curly locks touching my hair sounds so exciting
  5. A List App-er!!
    Can we please do a Toronto meetup and make this happen? Please?