In celebration of Scandal coming back today, I dug this list out of my drafts. Yay!!! 🎉
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    Cyrus Beene
    This guy is so effing conniving, I can't. He's just filled with evil, and he's the president's arms
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    Sally Langston
I can't even find a word for her. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. Ridiculous bitch and I hope she burns in hell.
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    Rowan/Eli Pope
    Ugh where do I even begin. I hate him
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    Maya Lewis
    I probably dislike her as much as I dislike Papa Pope. They belong with each other. I hope they rot in hell
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    Leo Bergen
    Who is he even?? He's trying to be funny and failing miserably. I don't like him. I hope he rots in wherever he ended up. How the hell did Abby touch that!? Girl, you could do so much better!!
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    James Novak
    I have no real feelings about him. I guess it's sad when he died??
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    Harrison Wright
    RIP Harrison. I don't even know what happened to him anymore. He was kind of a forgettable character?? That storyline with him and that girl was so extra.
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    I'm kind of uneasy about him. Like I never feel like he's genuine about anything!! Like does he even really love Quinn or is he just playing with her feeling!? He's B613 so I guess I naturally don't trust him
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    Ugh I'm so sick of him now. He's a big needy baby and cries when he doesn't get what he wants. He hardly has control over the oval, unless it's saving his little mistress Olivia. Ughhh he's just this team of people's puppet. (I feel bad saying all of these things, I love Tony Goldwyn, he's a great actor)
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    Elizabeth North
    Ehhhh I don't know how I feel about her. She gets to Cyrus' nerves, which is nice, and I have this weird I feel bad for her feelings?? Idk idk
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    Jake Ballard
    Ugh I like him one minute, but turns out has other motives. Whatta sneak. Ugh I hate him. He's so fucking good looking though oh my god. Also, follow his wife thatmeanchick on Instagram. She mocks the hell out of him, it's great!
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    Alissa, David Rosen's assistant
    Whatever happened to her?? I loved her. Mostly biased because she's played by Brenda Song
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    Olivia Pope
    I don't even know where to put her. I question a lot of what she does. I don't even know. She's pretty badass though. But as KW puts it, "She has questionable ethics".
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    Susan Ross
    She's so cute!! I love her 😘 she's such a nerd, just trying make right!!
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    David Rosen
    Oh, Rosen. You were crazy trying to crack Defiance, but I loved you after that. While a serious show, he puts little smirks in my face referencing Voldemort. You and Abby were cute, why did that have to end!? I'm pro-Susan Ross though
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    Abby Whelan
    She's so full of sass, I love her. She can put up with anything, but will pull the sass when she needs to. I was really happy seeing her succeed as White House Press Secretary, but not so much leaving OPA 😞
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    He is such an interesting character that has so many depths and I love learning more and more about him. 7:52 is one of my all time fave eps. I love that he's incredibly protective of Quinn and Olivia. He's the one that took Quinn under his wing and that's where I started to love him I think.
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    Quinn Perkins
    She's the first we see in the first episode and I feel like I really related to her. She's easily one of my faves. She became such a badass over the seasons. It's interesting seeing her grow and find her place at OPA. She's one of the few that had a lot of character development. Her B613 days, though, can we just forget that 5 mins even happened??
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    Mellie Grant
    She's such a complex, damaged character that has so many layers and we never really know everything about her. I'm excited to see what else she gets into, and honestly, I really do want her to get the presidency. She's smart, often a step ahead and actually has so much potential. She's a snake, but I'm always cheering for her on the sidelines. Let's not forget she graduated top of her class at Yale Law and had her own firm. She's not a dumb cookie.