Selfies That Only Live in My Phone 📂

✨ #Draftmas❕✨ I take lots of selfies, but only 5% of it actually goes online. These selfies only live on my Day One app…until now.
  1. Prepare to get tired of my face❕
  2. Not happy with how cold it is outside
    There's also this Flinstone poster behind me?? This was at school idk idk
  3. Try’na be candid and shit
    Also thought my outfit was cute
  4. When I was in the Philippines and my bff asked me what I was wearing
    Was wearing a tench coat on my way to the airport and then a sleeveless top when I arrived
  5. In my swimsuit, the air blowing my hair while at the beach
    Forgivable. I traveled 29 fucking hours for this ✈️🌊
  6. The day I got my ombré
  7. Looking profesh as hell going to the office. It had to be documented
  8. Literal accidental selfie
    I turned on my phone and it happened
  9. Trying to show off that bright yellow lanyard
    I was going to the Pan Am Games, me wearing that lanyard had to be documented
  10. When I bought this romper that was very Mindy Lahiri 🎀
    Dat bright colours though 👌🏼
  11. Saw some basic posing behind this blue door, so I must as well
    Is this a duck face? I don't even know
  12. You can't hate me because I feel good about my collarbones being more defined
    Aka wow I lost some weight. This was shot with a potato, I think
  13. I thought my headband is everything
    Badass with the leather jacket, girly with the headband
  14. Bathroom selfie
    Mainly, I'm just trying to document my Chvrches top. It's rare I spend $30 on a shirt, might as well make the world know I own one.
  15. Trying to be colourful while still fall 🍂
    Repeating shirts hiiiii
  16. Being impatient with people
    I'm supposed to meet up with my best friend, but she's not answering my calls or my texts!!