The First Time I Saw the Mindy Project

This was in my drafts for such a long time, idk why, but here it is now. This moment change my life. @mindy is queen 👑 this was always a mental list, and what a way to finally put down on - paper? app? the internet?
  1. It's 2012, I watched Zooey Deschanel on New Girl on Tuesdays every week
    I no longer do this. I got behind on the eps and it just doesn't give me the same joy anymore. Maybe because Mindy came along. I stuck around until S3, then just gave up entirely. S4 is on my iPad waiting to be watched.
  2. New Girl finished, it was a repeat, and I was too lazy change the channel
    The remote is across the room ok so I watched on
  3. “Oh, look, Blair’s minion!!!!”
    Remember Shauna? The Hispanic receptionist? Yeah, she was the reason I started watching the show. She's a familiar face, you can't blame me 🙊 it's a shame she's no longer on it
  4. “Okay, okay, I'll watch this. It's so nice she's doing other things!!!”
    Except she's still someone else's minion. Nothing changed
  5. “Wow, this is literally me if I ever pursued gynecology”
    Referring to Shauna. This might've been “In the Club”
    What's the name of this show? I hope there's another one after
  8. I googled the show during commercials because I SWEAR I've seen that Indian girl somewhere!!
    Yeah, The Office. I tried to watch it to be in with the cool kids in grade 9. I didn't get it.
  9. “Daymnnn boiiii, you daaance”
    I'm really just imagining this is the club episode, not 100% sure but I don't think it was in order
  10. Another episode comes on
    Loves it ❤️💜💙
  11. I think it was Teen Patient?
    One of my low key favourite eps. So funny. I loved that kid and her gay best friend. He meets Danny and he whispers to Mindy, “please tell me you and him have happened” yaaassss 👏🏼
  12. And then another
    “Omg what!! Are the stars aligning or what!? THIS IS LITERALLY MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOW”
  13. Tuesdays just got even more wonderful ☀️
  14. And another
    “Ugh I could binge watch this show forever” So funny!!!
  15. It was Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party
    I have since vowed to watch the show from the very beginning when the semester is over.
  16. I was very glad and lucky to have caught it in a mini marathon and fell in love with the show right away
  17. “Aww, that's the last one?”
    Now I actually have to do homework? 😔
  18. Nooooo 😫