Things I did after I got a full time job

A follow up to this list! Things I Will Do and Buy When I Get a Job i recently celebrated my one year at my work, and about one year ish since semi abandoning (it was SUCH a distraction for me!!). These are some things I wished for myself before my job that I've achieved so far 💕
  1. Paid off student loans
    Lemme just tell you I slashed my student loans in half in the last year because I've been so incredibly good with it and the smart move to stop myself from blowing my big tax refund to go to disneyworld. No disneyworld but I'm now only on four digits on my loans!!
  2. Bought some office approps (like appropriate lol) attire
    So much fun! I was also introduced to the now cheaper Abercrombie loooool but really though they have super cute tops and dresses that make me not look like a bum
  3. I get weekend passes to WayHome from my work!!
    Might've not spent monies on this but I'm finally going on a three-day music festival with my lovely coworkers!! So excited!!
  4. Grew my savings a lot
    Giving me the chance to go on vacation to London and Paris around Christmas and hanging out with my family in the Philippines this past spring with still adequate emergency funds to spare!
  5. I'm going to New York City with my Mommy
    Literally my dream come true to go on a mother-daughter trip together. And she totally approves of just walking around eating our way through the city!!
  6. The past year has been wonderful. I'm beyond grateful. I hope my adulty life continues to be as fun as this ❤️