Thanks for this great list request, @BWN_7!!
  1. A photobook of travel photos
    I'm a graphic designer, and avid photographer, so you'd think I've done a few books, naturally, but nope. None. I've done two 120-page photo books for work though, lol
  2. My design portfolio
    It's a never ending process and I feel like I'm never "done", I'm always tweaking something ugh
  3. Finding a job
    I just want to be so done with this! I'm freelancing atm and it's just not cutting it anymore. Why is this so much harder than finding my first design job!?
  4. My many drafts
    I get an idea, start it and then just leave it in my drafts. My drafts folder needs to be cleared!! Also, started to edit some as I was writing this list, haha!
  5. This list
    I want to add more to this, but can't think of any! Oh, what the hell, I'm hitting publish, so this is one thing to cross off this list!!
  6. I'm sorry if this list was a little emo, just been a little down lately, that's why I haven't been that active, sowwwy!!