Yes I'm listing in between sets. I'm seeing Purity Ring at Sound Academy in Toronto, if you're curious.
  1. Interesting mix of peoples
    Some old hipsters, some young wannabe hipsters, and some just plain weird. I fall into the normal crowd who judges everyone though
  2. Apparently I didn't get the all black dress code
    My two friends were judging me with my blue plaid shirt and grey converse, then asked me if I ever wore all black. No, I have not. I don't think. My closet has too much colour in it.
  3. The opening band is kinda sucky
    Sorry, I don't even know what you were singing? Were you even singing? My friend says that one song was just you saying Egypt the whole time? What!??
  4. These two flirting
    Oh, you really go to a concert to meet people and flirt? I didn't. I don't think I went to a club. Seriously, weirdest crowd.
  5. Oh also, my purse zipper broke
    Yay all my things are exposed now
  6. All that Summersby just shot up my blood sugar
    Ugh noooo. I feel it. I feel the drowsiness. Never doing this again. Or is this band just really bad it's making me sleepy?
  7. This guy. It's blinding my eyes.
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    His soles glow whyyyyyy is this really necessary
  8. Still blinding me
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    Stahp itttt
  9. This is an awful long wait for the main act
    why are you doing this to me WHY
  10. We're just at the corner sitting on the floor
    How cool kids of us
  11. I just told my friends about this app
    And I'm listing. Listing. Listing at a concert HAHAHA
  12. Right now I'm enjoying the tunes more than that first act
    Empire State of Mind is my jaaaammm. I just hope my $35 is worth it later
  13. Okay okay there's something happening now
  15. Their set is so pretty
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    I can't this is so gorgeous I can't
  16. This couple being all coupley
    Why are you guys doing this? Stooop. What even sparks your brain to do such a thing!? I don't get it. I just want to watch the show and your heads are my viewing window so stoop pleaaaseee
  17. Lol Megan talks like how sings aww 💗
    Is that how it usually is? Yeah? I think so?
  18. They're actually so good
    I'm on a good concert streak this year, like wow. Broods, CHVRCHES, Purity Ring… all amazing live. Craaay. I have to mention though, Georgia of Broods’ vocals are insaaaaanee. She has such a powerful, gorgeous vocals, it's a must to see them. She's really pretty, too, major girlcrush!
  19. I like that they remix their songs a little bit 💖
    Idk it adds to the whole ~concert experience~ I like it
  20. My friend told me CHVRCHES is better
    Soooooo clooooose though. So close. They're both so good. I like the crowd better at that show defs tho. This is crowd's weird as hell
  21. I saw one of the kids I went to school with
    lol hiiiiiii you don't see me anymore buuut (ok nvm)
  22. I'm on the train home now
    Why am I doing this is this even acceptable I don't know what I just did