I'm a day late but I'm Canadian so whatever
  1. Black Friday
    So I get a head start on Christmas shopping and pick out my holiday outfits. It only spread up north in recent years and I'm forever grateful 💗
  2. Hulu
    My knight in shining armour and saved my favourite tv show, The Mindy Project
  3. Cyber Monday
    More Christmas present shopping. And some for me lol
  4. Internet & Social Media
    So I can creep all my family all across the globe and keep up with my nieces and nephews that I haven't even met 😂
  5. My supportive Mommy and Daddy
    I maybe be unemployed and bumming off of them, but they love me regardless, and are always equally excited as me when I tell them about my freelance jobs 😘
  6. The List App
    For providing such a positive and loving community for us all 💖