Times Starbucks Spelled My Name Wrong

I usually go by my middle name, Janine, since it's a lot less common name at a busy 8:30 am Starbucks in Downtown Toronto
  1. Most common: Jeannine
    So close. This the French spelling, I spell it the American way, sans the first 'e' (see what I did there??)
  2. Jenine
    Heh 😓
  3. Jean
    HUH?!?!? Did you forget the rest of my name??
  4. Janne
    Did you just forget the 'i' or what
  5. Shenine??
    Okay what the hell now
  6. Jenny
    “Where the hell's this Jenny who has a freakishly similar drink and not picking it up??," I thought. Turns out, I was mine all along 😲 I waited so long, that my macchiato became cold. I blamed them for getting my name wrong and ordered them to make me a new one. They made me late for work 😒
  7. After the Jenny incident, I just mostly go by Nicole now, despite how busy it is
    I'm just stressing myself out for no reason