A peek at my unemployed life. Oh, the joy!
  1. I emailed back a client
    Still in bed, using my phone, with one eye closed.
  2. I sorted my summer/fall/winter clothes
    Sorted, not put away. There's still piles of clothes on my bed.
  3. Prepared and ate lunch
    By prepare, I meant microwave leftovers.
  4. Watched On The Wings of Love while eating
    It's an adorable Filipino romantic comedy series, and even better, I get to watch it every day!
  5. Sorted the rest of my clothes
    Still a big pile of clothes on my bed. The summer clothes have been moved to box though, but not folded.
  6. Did some DIY
    I cut the neckline of a pile of my oversized t-shirts, so I don't suffocate myself in my sleep.
  7. Browsed social media on my phone
    For literally like hours, most spent reading lists on the List App. I'm obsessed with this!!
  8. My phone is plastered to my face for so long, that now I have a headache
    Should I take a Tylenol or what
  9. I found McD's chocolate chip cookies and ate it with cereal
    This is my dinner. Is that okay? It's weird, I didn't really want to eat but cookies and cereal seemed okay to eat?
  10. Said food was consumed as I watched How To Get Away With Murder
    So far, I'm only halfway through season one. I started watching this on the plane when I went to the Philippines and found it quite intriguing.
  11. I started steaming my wrinkled clothes and folded them
    Because I have to do this sometime if I want to sleep on my bed tonight 😬
  12. Sorted my dirty clothes to put in the wash tomorrow
    By this time, I'm already really tired.
  13. I put my remaining fall/winter clothes that haven't been folded on my desk
    My room still looks like a mess, but I'm getting there!!
  14. Lights out!
    Good night, world!