It's been a while since I've spoken to my best friend since she started training to be a flight attendant. These are questions I immediately asked her
  1. Me: What's an A320? Wait, I don't know I think I made this up!!!
    BFF: No, you didn't make it up! It exists!!! There's A 319, 320 and 330! It seats 300+ and has 4 doors. (What she didn't say is it has a 3x3 configuration in economy; there's just one aisle, since it's a smaller jet)
  2. Which planes fly international? All the Airbuses and 767??
    Wait what how do you know these things!?? Yeah, the 320, 330 and all the Boeings
  3. Which planes have the nice first class that lies down?
    All the Airbuses are reaaaally nice and the new Boeing 777. Did you get on a 320??
  4. Ugh I wish I was on business class on a 787
    Again, how do you know these things?!?!?
  5. I obsess about planes and their features when I fly, it's ridiculous
    Just part of my obsessive tendencies ✌🏼️
  6. Btw: I've been on A321 YYZ to LAX (AC), 767 LAX to HND (ANA), and 777 MNL to BKK (Thai) recently, so I've researched those aircrafts 😜
    The research makes me excited for my trip 😍