Not saying I hate shopping with friends, but if there's something specific that I want, it's best I do it alone
  1. You get to focus
    I want a coloured coat, I'm going to find a coloured coat. I'm on a mission.
  2. No need to coordinate what stores to go to
    I usually hated this because I'm on the heavier side and I don't *always* fit in certain stores, e.g.: Brandy Melville (aka the bane of existence)
  3. No need to think about someone else
    I don't ever have to be concerned if my friend is bored and that we should probably move on
  4. No one who judges your purchases
    I like it, I buy it. If I'm ever unsure of anything, I text my mom or my best friend for advice
  5. No one who judges how much monies was thrown 💸
    Ok maybe this is more of a negative than a positive 😬
  6. What needs to get accomplished, gets accomplished
    I walked away with a coat that wasn't black yesterday, didn't I? See: Last Night's Impulse Buys 🛍💸💸
  7. No need to go to Sephora
    The only store that makes me so, ridiculously stressed out like writing a political sociology final. Seeing prices for one pot of eyeshadow makes me fear my life
  8. It's one of those quiet things that makes me really happy
    There's a fine line between enjoying quiet time and being lonely. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts while shopping