1. My World Tour December 23rd 2010
    It was the very first time I ever saw him in person and the absolute best night of my life even though I wasn't the one less lonely girl #nicoleforOLLG
  2. Fragrance Launch at Macy's in NYC
    I happened to be in New York when someday was launching and I made my cousins skip school and wait for four hours in the rain to watch him walk into the store...it was so wonderful being able to see him in person again 😭
  3. Believe Tour
    The first leg of the believe tour I went with my friend (who shall rename unnamed). I was a belieber and she was not (BIG mistake). We had crappy seats but I didn't care. I turned around and I saw him..the man...SCOOTER BRAUN! He seemed to be giving out better tickets...so naturally I started bolting to him. After climbing over a row my friend grabbed me and was like NICOLE CALM DOWN, and I missed him. He took everyone down to the first row. I will NEVER forgive her. #nicoleforOLLG
  4. Believe Tour (again)
    I almost pulled off sneaking into a meet and greet....but I got caught. Now I could TOTALLY sneak in no problem!!!! Ugh. Maybe next tour 😕 #nicoleforOLLG
  5. Jingleball 2012
    I was on the floor for this one!!! Still not close enough to touch him but it's whatever, I still had a good time!
  6. Luda-day charity basketball game
    HE ACKNOWLEDGED MY PRESENCE IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE okay so it was like a charity game and he was there and I went and when it was quieting down and they were warming up I was screaming VERY loudly "JUSTIN I LOVE YOU HEY OMG etc" and we...made....EYE CONTACT 😭😭 and when we did I was like HEY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HE DID THE LITTLE "SUP" NOD and I started sobbing bc my life at that moment was so amazing. After the game I took his empty powerade bottles and I still have them to this day