Inspired by @shanaz's post on Teacher Appreciation Day. I've been lucky enough to have some pretty incredible teachers in my life. Here is just one:
  1. Her name was June.
  2. She was highly intelligent with a zany personality, a quick wit, and a tremendous sense of humor.
  3. And when you made her mad, she became what she called her "evil twin."
    She was unrecognizable; red-faced and yelling as loudly as possible, she was a sight to behold...and downright scary.
  4. But she never held a grudge, never took out her frustration with one student on another, and was quick to forgive.
  5. She taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade English at my small, Catholic elementary school.
  6. But I learned more from her than just the parts of speech or how to construct an essay.
  7. She taught me that "knowledge is powerful and ignorance is not," something she said to her students every day.
  8. She taught me to be a leader with my own thoughts and opinions, while also being open enough to hear another perspective.
  9. She taught me to never end a day on a bad note: as students left her class every day, she said to each one, "I love you, be safe."
  10. She taught me to "always tell the people you love that you love them, because you never know when that chance may be taken away," something she learned after the death of her mom.
  11. ...
  12. The hardest part about writing this is that I wish I could tell her once more how much I love her and appreciate her...
  13. ...except when I was a junior in high school, she passed away unexpectedly.
  14. While she used to joke that we would "meet her at the pearly gates" with her English textbook in hand, I know she is somewhere smiling...
  15. ...watching out for me and all of her former students...
  16. ...and whispering in our ears, "I love you, be safe."
  17. ❤️