To the one and only @lenadunham
  1. You don't know me, but I am a 20-something with a quarter-life crisis.
  2. I will be graduating college in May 2017, and I am beyond anxious about what the future may hold.
  3. It seems like everyone around me is moving forward, getting tremendous opportunities, or at least starting to carve out a path for themselves.
  4. Meanwhile, I feel stuck. Stagnant. Like not very much is happening.
  5. But then last week, I stumbled across this article online, which (rightfully so) popped up on the great Meryl Streep's birthday:
  6. In the piece, the author offers a bit of dialogue from "Girls."
    While I have never watched the show (Don't hate me — I'm a broke college student who can't afford HBO!), I have always wanted to watch and now I know why.
  7. He wrote:
    "On an episode of 'Girls' not long ago, someone told Hannah Horvath, in an effort to cheer her up, 'You've lived all this truth.' She replied, 'It didn't feel like very much was happening.'"
  8. I read this, and it all made sense:
  9. I don't have to have everything figured out just yet.
  10. Just because I don't feel like I'm moving forward doesn't mean I'm not going anywhere.
  11. The things that happen to me — good, bad, or indifferent — are all small steps leading me to where I'm destined to go, whether I realize it or not.
  12. I read that entire article, but what stuck with me was your character's response, and since reading it last week, I've come to understand it this way:
  13. You know when a plane is getting ready to leave the airport?
  14. The engines make a lot of random rumblings.
  15. There are seemingly endless checks to make sure everything on the inside of the cabin is ready for takeoff.
  16. The plane goes slowly down the paths leading up to the runway while all the passengers wonder when the hell the plane will finally get off the ground.
  17. But suddenly, the engines rev.
  18. The plane shoots down the runway.
  19. It finally takes off.
  20. And then, in the blink of an eye, you're finally going somewhere.
  21. What looks like pointless, slow-moving actions prior to takeoff actually allows you to take off.
  22. And so now, I see that while right now it seems like nothing much is happening, it won't be long until maybe, just maybe, I take off, too.
  23. So I just wanted to say thank you for so very simply saying that it's okay to feel like not very much is happening.
  24. For making me feel less anxious about the future, about "not moving."
  25. Because whether we realize it or not, we are all moving forward — at different speeds, maybe, but forward nonetheless.
  26. And most importantly, thank you for being you and making art that makes people think.
  27. Love, Me ❤️