Most of these will probably be of my dog, so bear with me.
  1. Daisy photo No. 1
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    She's so cute when she sleeps... Actually, she's so cute all the time!
  2. My brother and I
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    Remember that season called summer? Yeah, me too. It's my favorite season, and that's why I love this picture.
  3. Daisy photo No. 2
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    My dog decided to watch the Fourth of July fireworks in our neighborhood out of the living room window. Quite possibly one of the funniest (and cutest) things I've seen her do.
  4. Joy
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    I took this photo last Christmas, and I love the way the Christmas lights reflect off the word "joy." I love this picture because it makes me look like a halfway decent photographer!
  5. Daisy photo No. 3
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    Took this picture the other day- she looks like a small child holding onto her teddy bear!