1. Four years ago, I embarked on a journey into the unknown.
  2. I set foot on unfamiliar territory, armed with nothing but hope in my heart.
  3. All those I loved seemed so far away.
  4. All the things I took for granted were long gone.
  5. All I thought I knew about myself was challenged.
  6. It was the most difficult day of my life.
  7. It was the day I moved into college to begin my freshman year.
  8. That year, I longed for the day my school career would be over.
  9. I wished every day that time would step on the gas pedal of my life, and make the end of my school days come as close to the beginning as possible.
  10. Soon enough, time ran its course. And boy, did it run.
  11. The days went.
  12. The weeks flew.
  13. The months sped.
  14. The years changed.
  15. And I changed, too.
  16. I grew up.
  17. I spoke up.
  18. I learned.
  19. I found my voice.
  20. I found my passion.
  21. I went from feeling alone to feeling at home.
  22. But all the time I spent wishing the days away has finally caught up with me.
  23. The first day of my last year of college has crept up on me. It's here now, staring me right in the face.
  24. It's the beginning of the end...
  25. ...and all I want now...
  26. ...is to go back to the beginning, have time slow down, and enjoy the ride.
  27. But with every ending comes a new beginning.
  28. So may this ending be sweet, slow and unforgettable.
  29. And may the new beginning it brings be the best thing to ever come my way.