Thank you @nathanveshecco for my very first list request!
  1. Overthinking [About Overthinking]
    I tend to do this a lot, so it makes sense to put it as the first track of my *debut album*
  2. Am I ready yet?
    Covers everything from getting dressed and applying makeup to facing life's problems; a good segway from my track on overthinking
  3. I'm Gonna Need a Lot of Luck on Everything
    Everything: school, career, love, life. Just all of it.
  4. Overachiever
    Hence, why I need a lot of luck on everything
  5. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst
    My slightly optimistic/slightly pessimisstic motto. Re: why I need a lot of luck on everything.
  6. Really?!
    A song dedicated to all the people who annoy, aggravate or disappoint me
  7. Hold On While I Grow More Brain Cells
    Dedicated to the people who insist on deep conversations at late hours of the night, long after I've used my day's share of brain cells on more important matters
  8. Letting Go
    Of old relationships, of fears, of the people that killed off those useful brain cells in the first place
  9. How I Made My Mom Proud
    Probably a sad country song with banjos, fiddles and all. The most touching of the album.
  10. Oy
    For all the things in life that leave you speechless...just say "Oy."