currently writing this w the biggest smile on my face
  1. Sunshine!!!!
    That's a given
  2. A friend texting you "happy hour?"
    Like did you even have to put the question mark
  3. Almost-empty bus
    🙌🏼 miracle
  4. Having the perfect balance of weekend plans
    You have the perfect mix of fun/social plans and free time to lay in bed until 11 on sat if you so wish
  5. Did I say sunshine?
    Bc this list could be complete with just that.
  6. Treating yourself
    Bc it's Friday, it's justified. Iced coffee, manicure, new shoes, or binge watching Netflix
  7. When your boss walks by your desk and demands "go home soon!!"
    Ok fine. If you insist.
  8. Saying "BYE FELICIA" to your co workers
    And giggling as you walk way.