because commitment is scary.
  1. Boyfriends
    Bc cuddling makes Saturdays better and sometimes u don't want to attend a wedding/family function alone and want to avoid the "are you still single?" questions as much as possible
  2. Hot tubs
    Bc they're too expensive and high maintenance to own but sometimes ya just need to tub it out
  3. Clothes
    Shout out to Tom Haverford for coming up with this idea! (Parks and Rec reference). Keeping up with trends can be hard and expensive! But you still gotta look fleeky and be fashionably competent.
  4. Dogs and/or babies
    Like the hot tub, too expensive and high maintenance but they are so fun to have for 2 hours a day.
  5. Hair styles
    What if the trendy bob that every girl in America has, doesn't look good on you but you don't know that until you chop it and are stuck with an awkward hair cut for 5+ months until it grows long enough to put it up in a pony? Cant risk it.