We've all managed to make fools out of ourselves at one point or another. Some people more than others. I am one of those and since I have absolutely no tact, therefore awkward situations become inevitable.
  1. X-ray tampon
    That's right. I didn't think that far and thus when I had broken my coxis and had to go for X-rays, I didn't erm.. Remove a certain lady product that well uhm showed up as a massive, I mean massive shadow on my X-rays. The doctor was very polite in ignoring the elephant in the room.
  2. Rude lunch
    I received a phone call at my friend's house and the phone was on the sideboard beside the dining table. They encouraged me to take the call, so I did. Unbeknown to me, the wind had swept my skirt up and it had since become stuck flat against my back. After some unexplained laughs, my friend's mum walked up to me, returned my skirt to cover my bottom and said, "you're welcome, Marilyn".
  3. Shoe-Shaming
    I was at a friend's house and I just went on and on about how ugly "Crocs" are and how I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them... How they are the ugliest things ever to exist on the planet... When my friend's brother chimes in and informs me, "You do realise my mum is wearing Crocs this very moment". I tried to back-track but it was truly the point of no return and I just had to stick my my convictions and not visit there anymore.
  4. Fly? Bless you!
    At a school camp, we were required to do some or other triathlon thing and as I dived into the swimming pool, I came up for air and froze. Everyone was screaming for me to get on with it. I couldn't as I had something in my nose. I tried to blow my nose in my hands with quite some force... Nothing emerged... Until finally, a fly shot out of my nostril and landed in a snotty puddle in my hands. I was absolutely mortified, especially when it picked itself up and flew away AND everyone had seen.
  5. An Unconventional Cuddle
    My mum had a boyfriend at the time and she said when I come home from a party I am to sleep in her bed with her as her Squeeze stayed far away and that he would sleep in my bedroom. I got home from my party, (very very tipsy, I might add) and I got into my mum's bed as instructed. The next morning the alarm went off and I turned over in horror! I had slept next to my mum's bf!!! My mum had a chuckle and said my room was too untidy and that she forgot to inform me. Well, thanks Mum!