This is me trying to wrap my head around and try to remember what happened. As I'm writing this, my memory is beginning to fade other than a few specific parts.
  1. There was a man without a face
    He was kinda of like the things in It Follows, only because he basically never stopped chasing me.
  2. At one point I was going into my house via the front door and found a pan of corn bread
    Idk where this choice came from (other than my deeply rooted desire to consume copious amounts of corn bread when possible), but then it turned out to be the man without a face's cornbread and so I started throwing pieces of it at him (Wut even).
  3. There was a bunch of random people I don't know very well in my dream
    They were trying to help me live/survive (the details are failing me right now) against the odds aka the man without a face and his damn cornbread.