A list of exact moments (some of them) that I've cried like a baby - good and bad.
  1. Every time I see a dog.
  2. When my 10 Things I Hate About You disc didn't work and thus, I was unable to be serenaded by my love, Heath. May he and my heart rest in peace.
    I mean I did YouTube that scene, but it was less exciting because I didn't finish the movie, I didn't see her punch that butt face in the face, or even see them reuniting at the dance, or EVEN THE LAST SCENE WHERE THEY'RE PLAYING PAINT BALL BUT ITS NOT ACTUALLY PAINT BALL BUT IT IS.
  3. When I was 5 and my mom called me an "asshole."
    I know it slipped from her lips, after all Carole is a good Christian woman, but it cut pretty deep at the time. We were in Kohl's, and I ran over to my sister and all she did was laugh... Then I just hid in the clothes and cried for a lil bit.
  4. When I got my Senior pictures back.
    The pictures were great, my face not so much. But it's cool now, kinda.
  5. When I got my period 2 weeks early and I was like cool nice one, pls leave. (Also, I feel like this happens a lot).
    New motto: Love cramps, love bloating, love periods, love life.
  6. When I ran into a wall in 3rd grade and broke my tooth.
    I wasn't sad because it hurt or that my front tooth was half its intended size, but because I couldn't go back to school for my Student Council party - my teacher bought me Cheeto puffs andd, I'm all about that, but now I couldn't eat them. Still bitter.
  7. My final XC race
    4 years all over in 3.1 miles. Did it even hit me until it was all over? Nope. Miss the structure and running and training with great girls.
  8. Boys.
  9. When I started tearing my hamstring
    Not because it hurt - and it did, but because it was my last season and only in the first month of it. No way was I ready for it to be over... Also, I have a really good history of getting hurt during Track.
  10. When my pals and I found a pair of dirty panties abandoned at the Max, and used a wet floor sign to cover it up.
    I was practically peeing on myself.
  11. No reason at all.
    It felt great. In the next two days I got my period so I can probably attribute that cry sesh (& many others) to PMS..