I'm bored because I'm on a bus for 4 & 1/2 hours and I like people watching
  1. I'm sitting next to a fidgeting girl.
    She keeps putting back on her jacket and then taking it off... Also, she's hogging the outlets and IM PISSED.
  2. I think the guy across the aisle from me is in a mariachi band.
    That's not just because he's Mexican, but he also has a larger-than-life guitar shaped case with him. Plus he looks like he could get jiggy with it.
  3. There's a guy in the front of the bus that is very fine
    He's probably late twenties, great beard, nice style, and good hair. 8/10 to say the least. He keeps turning around and we keep making eye contact, God bless. AHHH
  4. A little bit ago, a lady stood up to walk to the bathroom and looked like a deer in headlights.
    Maybe she had to drop her kids off at the pool or maybe she just how snarly my hair is from sleeping with my hood up rip.
  5. There's an older woman sitting in front of me that literally could not hear a SINGLE thing that the bus driver said.
    She kept turning around, all tucked under her blanket, and asking me to reiterate what he was saying so that's fun. I bet she's a nice lady and all, but I have a headache and I was done with this ride before it even started.
    Is he walking towards me?! Omg he is. What do I do?! Okay um look casual, just look at your phone and then as he walks up to you --- *walks past me*. I hear the door shut and realize that it really was just to use the bathroom. God damn, I was in it to win it with him.
  7. The lady behind me has been screaming in Spanish to someone over the phone during the trip
    She's definitely gossiping and it has something to do about a María... Fucking María, let me tell you something about María, she's a piece of work.
  8. The bus driver just pulled the bus over to use the bathroom
    I wonder if he took the keys with him, I should try to commandeer the bus just for funsies. I've never driven a bus but it couldn't be much harder than a Ford Focus, right?
  9. As a side note, traffic sucks booty and I'm tired so I'm going to take a nap. Gbye