Nicole likes to be observant of her surroundings, almost as much as she likes to talk in third person. She thinks about this for a moment and has come to the conclusion that they might actually be tied. Anyways, enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I have no clue where this list is going
  1. Empty seats (hallelujah, I wasn't ready to small talk with oldies at 5 in the morning), aka Nicole can sprawl out across the row and take a nap (this thought brings a light of hope and glee to Nicole at this dark time; dark time referring to the fact that it's pitch black outside)
  2. A rando guy (looks like a douche) who's wearing an "Emerson College" baseball hat; Nicole debated going up to him to strike a conversation, but decided against it for the same reason as above - it is 5 in the morning and she looks like complete booty (booty is an adjective in my book)
  3. A lack luster of potential suitors Nicole could meet and thus something beautiful could flourish (but, unfortunately, won't happen now). Nicole has to be on the look out 24/7 because as much as she would be okay substituting dogs in for some sort of emotional relationship, she thinks Carole would disapprove (also, Carole is her mother)
  4. The plane's wing, a moist one at that. Nicole is just realizing how big this plane actually is, while also now questioning if it had recently rained outside (she thinks to herself, 'I feel like I would have noticed - but then Nicole has only gotten 2 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. Nicole realizes this probably wasn't the best idea)
  5. A dark plane, lit only by a few overhead lights shining down on some of the more advantageous passengers who plan on using this time to read a book (like the guy directly in front of me) or write in a journal - Nicole, however, is not one of those passengers.
  6. The night sky - more like a dark abyss, lit only by the beaming lights of the airport terminals and the occasional vehicle directing the planes to the runway. Nicole realizes this is the perfect time to catch up on sleep; also, she LOVES flying when it's dark outside. Goodbye, Boston - see you in January!