Southpaw the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, and of course, 50 cent (pls refer to him as "fiddy cent").
  1. Boxing.
    I've been wanting to try this sport out lately, but since watching this movie (I finished roughly about 5 minutes ago) I've already added a couple different pairs of boxing gloves to my Amazon wish list - that's dedication.
  2. Listening to hardcore rap.
    Who doesn't love "beast mode," especially when the training sequence is served up with some Eminem. Also, We Dem Boyz was playing in another scene and that's lowkey my jam.
  3. Googling 50 Cent ("Fiddy Cent")'s acting career because apparently that's a thing.
    No wonder I haven't heard a hit like the classics 'Candy Shop' or 'In Da Club' lately. I guess he was also in that new Spy movie with Melissa McCarthy, called Spy (how original). Anyways, IMDB is telling me he's also in Real Steel, The Hangover, and another movie called Morning Glory. Interesting.
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal.
    I mean I'm always in the mood for him, but something about this movie... Could be his washboard abs, or how sexy he looks when he's fighting. Or just that it's him in general.