Curiosity killed the cat. Currently hoping my wannabe angsty, middle-school, pubescent pictures are MIA, but let's be honest that's highly unlikely. Now the Googling commences..
  1. Tbt to Myspace
    Didn't I warn you that I was a wannabe angsty child, it came with my love for Pete Wentz at an early age (4th grade approximately, it should also be noted that he was 28 at the time).
  2. Nicole finds lots of recent pics of herself
    That blurry picture in between is not me, thank God (whoever you are, I'm sorry if that sounded like an insult because it was one. Hope time works wonders for you like I think/hope it did for me).
  3. Strangers.
    Who even are these ppl¿? Except I see Yeezus straight up chillin too. Interesting.
  4. Nicole finds pictures of her friends.
    Aka Yeezus. Also, hi @ Austin Bailey.
  5. Pictures of newborns next to pictures of deer hunters next to their recent kill.
  6. Nicole finds pictures of herself crawling on a Walmart floor and begins to reminisce.
    The good 'ole days. No context needed.