This is a list of things I want to do or have done while my roommate is MIA. It's a good time.
  1. Loose my clothes
    Something about living life without clothes is a freeing experience, especially sleeping
  2. Have a booty call
    Then I remember that's it's me we're talking about and I real talk myself..
  3. Watch Netflix into the wee hours of the night
    I could watch Rafael's toned chest all night, *morning (this was a Jane the Virgin reference btw).
  4. Cry
    The last time I cried was over the Good Dinosaur like a week ago, and before that I don't know when... I definitely feel like I could relieve some stress if I just gave in, and yet here I am still not wanting to.
  5. Reenact the Single Ladies music video alone
    I have a unitard for a reason...
  6. Take lots of obnoxious snapchat videos and send them to people I barely know
    I honestly can entertain myself for hours doing this, plus I've heard my snapchat game is v strong.
  7. Cry (again)
    Because you're laying in your room alone and you feel so alone because you're beginning to sober up and it's almost 3 AM and now you're questing why you're awake but you can't help it because when you try to sleep your mind just keeps running around in circles and it never ends until you're just too exhausted and you practically pass out.
  8. Facebook creep
    I am single and so VERY ready to mingle, it's honestly insane. But also, I just like looking at attractive young (& old, actually) men, plus Facebook is where it's at for food videos and cute puppies videos - which are actually the best things on the planet, and very underrated.
  9. Workout
    I always want to workout at weird times of the day, aka between the hour of 1 AM to 4:30 AM.
  10. Do anything but sleep...
    When you're roommate and her boyfriend never leave your room, let alone her bed you realize how much and empty room means. Why waste that on something so pathetic and arbitrary as sleeping?
  11. Maybe I should change the locks?
    I could really use a single...