(Requested by Lyle, done on the fly)
  1. Charmingly incapable of posing for posterity - especially compared to Jefferson, Franklin and Washington. He catalogued all his own faults in writing because he preferred accuracy to legacy
  2. Had the strength of his convictions and committed to them
  3. Took on deliberately unpopular jobs (Defended the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre, first minister to Great Britain) because he felt they had to be done and also because he wanted to combat his own desperate desire to be popular and well-liked
  4. Tried to avoid party politics in favor of personal loyalty (Wanted to work with Jefferson as VP even though they were from different parties)
  6. Awesome loving partnership with awesome wife
  7. Got real philosophical in his old age and came up with some great nuggets of wisdom
  8. Solid sense of humor (see letter writing)
  9. William Daniels in 1776