Here are some TV shows that I can't seem to stop binge watching no matter how hard I try
  1. 1.
    The Office
    The first show I ever binge watched. I started when the show was in it's 4th season, buying all the previous seasons on DVD to watch at home. I watched every week, religiously, and made one of my very best friends though long nights of discussing the show via text message (we later dated for three years). I credit this show for my higher understanding of humor and realizing how easy it is to fall in love with your best friend. I binge watch all 9 seasons at least three times a year. @bjnovak
  2. 2.
    How I Met Your Mother
    This is ranked number 2 mainly because it's my second most-watched TV show. While I'm binge-watching other TV shows, I'm usually simultaneously watching this show. When I say watching I usually mean playing it as background noise while I fold laundry or wash dishes. NPH and Jason Segal are especially great. A nice, light-hearted show to watch when you're sad (binged all nine seasons in the two weeks following my first major heartbreak), or to fall asleep to if you don't mind a laugh track.
  3. 3.
    Parks and Recreation
    Amy Poehler is a God among men, but I'm getting off topic. P&R is a phenomenal show. I love the actors, I love the characters, and I love the relationships the writers developed between those characters. Easy to watch, and even easier to re-watch. I have only praise for this show and it's advanced sense of humor.
  4. 4.
    Pretty Little Liars
    My number one crime/mystery drama. I've watched every episode weekly since the pilot, and ever since they released it to Netflix, I've binged it periodically. You wouldn't think it would be a show you could watch over and over because the mystery would be gone, but fortunately for me, and unfortunately for my GPA, this show is so fantastic that I can't help but re-watch it a couple times a year (at this point most of you can probably tell I have a problem).
  5. 5.
    Gossip Girl
    Disclaimer: this is a total guilty pleasure. I watched the first couple seasons of Gossip Girl weekly when it was on TV but then forgot about it for a while. I decided to binge it on Nexflix a couple years ago, right after the series finale aired, and I was hooked. As dramatic and frustrating the plot line of each episode is, you can't help but develop a deep love for each character and wonder how things are going to turn out for them. I also love all things New York so this one's easy to binge.