1. Wake up in my NYC (penthouse? Idk that might be pushing it) apartment
    All the walls are giant windows and I'm under a white down comforter
  2. Enjoy a warm cup of tea while admiring the city through said giant windows
  3. Eat breakfast at Tiffany's
    Because in a perfect world this isn't cliché and New York is quiet and deserted on a Saturday morning
  4. Buy myself a box or four of macarons from Ladurée
    And save to enjoy later (but maybe sneak one or two on the walk home). Also in an ideal world I could eat gluten.
  5. Bubble bath in my clawfoot tub while flipping through old vogue magazines and eating more macarons
  6. Wear a silk robe around for an hour to avoid putting on clothes
  7. Apply lipstick
  8. Pick out an outfit that goes with said lipstick
  9. Spend a few hours roaming the shops on 5th ave
    Buy a needless pair of shoes from Bergdorf's
  10. Sunning in Central Park reading Gatsby
    (I'm so cliché I almost can't handle it)
  11. Lunch on the patio at a cute sandwich shop with my bff
  12. Watch romantic comedies/nap
  13. Get ready for whatever important event I'm attending that night
    Ideally it would be fashion week related
  14. Apply more lipstick
  15. Dinner with my date to the important event
  16. (Insert important event here)
  17. Head to the after party with a different party date
    Event dates and party dates are always two completely different types of people unless they're me
  18. Champagne and cocaine
    Minus the cocaine
  19. Go home alone because I don't like to share a bed with anyone
    And I do NOT own a futon
  20. Admire the city lights through previously mentioned large windows
    Listening to music that reminds me of home
  21. Sleeeeeeeep