1. People like Patti Smith can get away with ordering olive oil, toast and black coffee at her neighborhood cafe every day.
  2. I have a fuck ton more reading to do in my lifetime.
  3. I'm probably a really shallow person for really wanting to know how Fred died, but not so shallow to skip ahead or give into Wilkipediaing him.
  4. Affirmation that everyone who touches The Wind Up Bird Chronicle wants to crawl within its pages.
  5. I can be easily swayed (by someone like Patti Smith) back into watching a show (The Killing) that I had given up on. When my husband asks why I watched four back to back episodes last night, after I had shit talked it - mainly for the unrealistic Pacific Northwest weather, I told him that I'd just 'been drawn back in.'
  6. I am willing to give the North Vancouver District Library $5 in late fees to finish the rest of M Train.