When you're on the go, whether as a MoJo or a generally productive person, these are the ten apps you just can't do without.
  1. Camera and other in-house apps to master
    It seems pretty self-explanatory why this app can be so essential, and it may be embedded in your phone regardless, but it's worth mentioning none-the-less. It's accessed by almost any other app you can download, has professional, built-in features, and most of all nothing says a thousand words quite like a picture. Other essential in-house apps include safari, mail, notes, iMessage, and iPhoto for your communication, documentation, and storage needs.
  2. Social
    Whether it's FB, Twitter, or Instagram, these are the family of apps no modern professional can go without. Far from being an indulgence in personal time anymore, navigating and having instant access to these social tools is essential if you're to understand your place in the modern digital world, and have back-stage access to a global audience with the tap of a finger.
  3. iMovie
    Yes, it costs a fortune in the App Store world, but this ten-dollar tool allows you to house an editing studio in your pocket. With some handy in-field iPhone add-ons (mics, tripods...), the app's user-friendly set up and your own creativity can produce a masterpiece in under five minutes. With iMovie, you'll always be the first to break the story, and have time to be home for supper to boot!
  4. Tape-a-call
    When you just can't afford to get that quote wrong, or you've lost your pen and are running out of time, you can relax knowing that tape-a-call has the record of your conversation covered. Whether it's for error-proof transcription, or proof at all, you know you've got it when you've got it on record.
  5. Nutshell
    This cute little app is perfect for social in that it's simple, engaging, and can tell a story with very few resources. With little more effort than snapping three pictures and adding a little text, the app does the rest of the work for you, creating an animated, vivid, and eye-capturing story for your audience.
  6. Videolicious
    Another handy video app, this tool creates a quick, social-friendly account of an event with your signature personality all over it. With almost no professional equipment or complication, this user-friendly app does it all with overlayed pictures on voice, and even a reporter-on-camera function if that's your style. But unlike traditional media, this pak is more intimate, informal, and inviting to your audience with the front-facing camera, and can be pulled off entirely solo. Now that's social.
  7. Bubbli
    While not as layered and all-purpose as other story-telling apps, this app transports your viewer, literally, to your story in a very detailed way. It's 360-degree, 3-D feature sets it apart from traditional, flat-lined panoramas by animating the world all around, up and down. While mastering it can take practice, once you've got it, it can elevate the quality of your story... and is basically just really cool. #virtualreality
  8. Vont
    Although this app performs the same function of text-over-video that iMovie does, it provides a wider array of choices and stylistic freedom. When you have the time and vision, this is the text-over-video app you want to use.
  9. PicPlayPost
    Simple, quick, social-friendly, and tells the story well in a multi-media, squared-off frame. What's not to love?
  10. Seethru
    When you want to do that little something extra in your video and stand out, Seethru is one way to do it. It provides a new and creative way of featuring the interplay of text and video by having your video play INSIDE your text. That's right, inside! With tons of stylistic options, fades, and colours, the possibilities are endless.
  11. Happy app hunting!