1. I got signed up for a bunch of mags by a mystery someone. Harper's Bazaar is the only one I actually flip through
    I'm a design major who did studio photography for my last job so I love looking at the portraits and advertisement fashion spreads. Would still be doing it/want to go back someday
  2. Wuddup Reese
  3. But this ad, is it legit or a total screw you from the intern?
  4. This
    It's like 5 spreads into the mag
  5. Like, you left the background behind her elbow and her earrings?
  6. .
  7. Like, no try on the shoe
  8. I took art theory, I know my dads and art and all, but this is stumping me
  9. I really hope this is a screw you moment on CÉLINE
  10. That'd be pretty fun y
  11. But I'm down to be wrong and get a better, legit 'artsy' answer for me to be ok with this full spread ad