My family taught me a few things the past couple of days.
  1. Adidas are fashionable again?
    My 18 year old sister was stoked she received these for Christmas...these were last cool when I was in elementary school. And yes, it says Superstar on them
  2. My dad is basically Ron Swanson
    He hates people, social media, and really wants to move to the middle of nowhere in Montana. But he's also ahead of the times.
  3. He got me filters and his chemex. That he got in the 80s.
  4. He also got me a home brew porter kit with a homebrewers association membership
    He's been a member and brewing his own beer since the 80s as well. Basically a pioneer for every hipster out there.
  5. Tim Tams that expired in April are still pretty good
    A little chewy, but it will be so good for a Tim tam slam.
  6. I asked for a back heat pack for Christmas and got it
    This officially makes me old. I've used it three times already today. Also, it looks like fake grass. Why was that a necessary addition for the sell?
  7. Everyone drives 15+ mph over the speed limit on Christmas Day.
    I drove to Ventura for Christmas Day and there was so much wind that I drove a bit more cautious than normal. People were passing me like there was no tomorrow trying to get to their Christmas destinations.