1. Team Stop A Lot
    Saw them napping on the side of the road
  2. Team Chugger Holder
    They all had two feet long black "chuggers" attached to their helmet.
  3. Team Liver Strong
    Their jerseys that pictures of livers that looked like serving spouts for beer on tap
  4. Team Flamingo
    Lead by a 57 year old with a pink beard
  5. Team Hot Sauce
  6. Bastard Cycling
  7. Team FART (Friends Are Riding Together)
    I only saw one person with this jersey. Where were her friends? Who knows.
  8. Team Boozehound
    Their support team drives a greyhound
  9. Team Bad Music
    When I biked by they were playing Hey Ya! by OutKast
  10. Team Not Dead Yet
  11. Team Cow
    Their jerseys had black spots. And they were all rather large.
  12. Team Where Is The Rhubarb
    "Biking for Rhubarb pie since '89"
  13. Team Hills Angels
    These guys had horns sticking out of their helmets