Fundamental Elements of the NicoSystem

  1. Pee at 2am
  2. Four part breakfast
    Cold oats. Yogurt and granola. Eggs. Smoothie
  3. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap.
    Peppermint please
  4. No-nonsense food
    Quinoa. Black beans. Brown rice. Sweet potatoes. Raw carrots and broccoli. Chia seeds.
  5. Also, Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup
  6. Name my electronics
    They are all female. Examples: baby boy, bae, girlfriend.
  7. Sleep on a cot
    Mattresses are for non-Bolivians
  8. Make my bed (cot) every morning.
  9. 3 pairs of pants.
    One is worn only on laundry days.
  10. One-load laundry
    I fit all my clothes into one load of laundry
  11. Thigh tan line dilemma
    Wear speedos to the beach more often.
  12. Jon Oliver
    Mondays at 6am
  13. Own two bikes
    Fancy bike. Cool vintage road bike.
  14. Chango
    Essential vocab
  15. The Beard & Mane
    Get there before it opens
  16. Vimeo Staff Picks
    Every day!
  17. Rainbow Hemp Sandals (11, Black)
  18. Chew on nails.
    Proceed to cuticles when nails are depleted.
  19. Pancho and The Contraband