My mom's magical purse

My mom is superstitious about a lot of things. But this one...this one is the best.
  1. Hey mom! Any new witchcraft in your purse these days?
  2. You mean the way I fold my bills?
    No mom. I know you fold your bills face out so you make more money.
  3. My scissors?
    Nope. I know you keep those in your purse so people don't steal from you.
  4. Oh! You mean this one. This one is new.
    What is it?
  5. It's supposed to keep thieves away.
    But what is it? Just a red bag?
  6. There is something inside. I'm not supposed to take it out of the bag. If I do, the good luck goes away.
  7. Give me a second.
  8. It's a bear paw.
    That's gross.
  9. But it works...I think.
  10. Enough. I'm putting it away.
    Love you, mom.