My mother's transition into motherhood

  1. Some 30 years ago, my mother was young, beautiful and full of dreams.
  2. Some of those dreams included partying all day. Which she did.
  3. And traveling to remote, adventurous places.
  4. But she got hitched. All of the sudden people were giving her gifts for the small humans she was cooking up.
  5. Majo came first. And then me. Here Majo looks like she has a full diaper. I'm busy eating.
  6. Mom still managed to fit some parties into her life.
  7. But we quickly took over her parties and made her throw parties for us.
  8. She would bake the cake...
  9. ...and pour the drinks.
  10. She still got to go on trips to remote, adventurous places...but she still had to pour the drinks.
  11. And feed us.
  12. And let us do whatever we wanted.
  13. Mom was a great swimmer in high school. But motherhood changed her concept of swimming.
  14. It meant improvised changing rooms...
  15. ...and trying to be as excited as your son about splashing around in the pool.
  16. And remember those gifts she got for her baby shower? Gifts were around during motherhood. But they were still for the small humans.
  17. It can all be summed up in this picture. You go to the mall thinking you'll get ice cream, but you end up carrying bags with the shitty clothes your kid made you buy. Meanwhile your son gets two ice creams and you get none.
  18. Thank you mom...for not asking me for my second ice cream. What a sacrifice.