1. Vacuuming Baking Soda Off Of the Basement's Carpet
  2. Frowning At Things In The Backyard
  3. Crafting Tools For Weeding
  4. Watching Movies That Are Ok For What They Are
  5. Picking Up Dead Wood From Stranger's Backyards
  6. Whacking Things In The Backyard
  7. Buying All Of The Rusty Tools At A Real Estate
  8. Pointlessly Using Drills Just To Hear What They Sound Like
  9. Looking For Ducks In The Backyard
  10. Over-cooking Hard Boiled Eggs
  11. Buying Top-shelf Dominican Coffee
  12. Labeling Tools That Are Inside An Already Labeled Toolboxes
  13. Taking Long Naps With The Dog On A Sunny Summer Afternoon
  14. Rocking The Baby To Sleep At One In The Morning
  15. Sharpening Knives While Watching Monkey Thieves
  16. Trying To Digest Sunchokes But Failing At It
  17. Browsing The Craigslist Free Section Daily
  18. Installing Extra Sensitive Alarms On All Doors And Windows