1. A drone
  2. Another drone
  3. Make a video about a drone that is fully shot on a drone
    Meta drone!
  4. A computer
  5. Another computer
  6. Have multiple "desktops". Literally.
    Forget about Mission Control.
  7. A boosted board
  8. Another booted board
  9. Learn how to ride a boosted board with one foot each
  10. New dress shoes
  11. Another pair of dress shoes
  12. One for business. One for dancing
  13. Life-long membership to Thrive Market
    And life-long chia seeds supply
  14. Rent at Stanford
    "Bye Rajesh. Bye Chad. I'm sponsored now." Walks away followed by bodyguards as he wears Heider College of Business pants. "HEIDER" embroidered on his butt.