Thoughts while watching other people struggle with technology

  1. Oh god. He wants to do it.
  2. This will take forever.
  3. Game over.
  4. I could do it so much faster and better.
  5. "Chill man! This is an opportunity for growth. You could help him."
  6. "You were a beginner once too."
  7. No I wasn't
  8. ....3 minutes later
  9. "No, don't get that close! Let him figure it out!"
  10. How can he figure it out if he's never seen something like this before.
  11. He isn't even on the right window.
  12. Also, he doesn't even care about HOW it works. Just want to "get something done".
  13. "Well, that's what electronics are for, right?"
  14. 😠
  15. .....3 minutes later
  17. ...2 minutes later
  18. He isn't even using key shortcuts. How is this person alive?!?
  19. "It takes a long time to learn those man. This is the first time he is doing this"
  20. ...2 minutes later
  21. Its loading, you idiot! Now is when you get to dick around the Internet not just stare at the bar waiting for it to load.
  22. "You should talk to him and see if he has any questions"
  23. I'm sure he has so many, but he doesn't care enough to ask any.
  24. ...4 minutes later
  25. Great. Done loading. Step away. I have to redo everything you just did.
  26. "You are a horrible person"