1. Huge airports
    So much walking. And I also think/know that walking is so much longer on international flights. The walk from your airplane seat to the immigration counter is at least 3 miles.
  2. Airport art
    So weird. And there is so much of it. For example: the Miami airport has piranha hanging from the ceiling and everyone seems to be obsessed with the carpet in the Portland airport. The airport in Charlotte has rocking chairs all over the place!
  3. Cars always look clean...at least on the outside.
    This has made me go "hmm" since my first time here, some 15 years ago. "Where is all the mud on these cars? That's a taxi? Wow that's shinny!"
  4. Food at gas stations
    "What?!? You can get greasy pizza and a donut as you pump gas? And they have hot dogs rolling on hot rods all day? UnBoliviable!
  5. Obsession with coffee
  6. A two-party political system
    People run out of colors to choose for their political party down in Bolivia. And it's always fun to try to figure out what each acronym stands for. ADN, MNR, MAS, UN, PSM...the list goes on.
  7. Fox News vs. the world
    Also, Bill O'Reilly
  8. Adults that own scooters
    This was a toy down in Bolivia. Not a form of transportation!
  9. Costco
    Somehow everyone knows what Costo is and the major social responsibility that comes with having a membership. "Omg, I wish I had a friend (friend's mom) that had a membership to Costco. That way I could get that huge box of Campbell Chunky soup that will last me a year."
  10. Yoga pants
    "But they are so comfy."
  11. The thing that breaks down food in the kitchen sink
    And could also break your children's hands.
  12. Crazy, crazy worry about minor illness
    "Headache?!? SHIT!! Run to Walgreens!!" "Diarrhea?!? OMG!! Call the doctor!!"