Being a grown up is hard
  1. Going go the social security office to change my last name
  2. Going to to the dmv to change my last name
  3. Getting a passport
  4. Dealing with the airbag recall on my car
    Done!!! But now I have to go back to get the seatbelt fixed so the airbag light will go off
  5. Figuring out why my target red card stopped working
  6. Getting out of bed basically every morning because I'm not a morning person
  7. Washing up at night when I am really tired and have been binge watching netflix
  8. Getting the seatbelt in my car fixed so the airbag light goes off
  9. Parking on the street and using meters
  10. Figuring out how to really live with another person. Especially hard when said person is actually your husband but he still keeps his bachelor pad?